Healing With You in Mind

Intentional healing, built around you and your journey.




Our Approach to Intentional Healing

Beyond The Physical

Healing is more than addressing physical pain. We also address and treat the emotional, mental and spiritual levels that may be a part of the root of pain and disharmony.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Technology

Our treatments blend ancient medical knowledge with modern science and technology allowing us to find the optimal route for your healing process.

Treatments Based on You

We treat you on an individual level. We take your lifestyle and history into account, and build our treatments based on what’s going to best serve you, and help you the most.

My journey with Dr.Dracher has truly been a life changer. I feel like I’m back to my normal self and ready to take on the world again.

Body, Mind, and Spiritual Healing


Laser Meridian

Herbal Medicine

Somatic Bodywork

Sound Therapy


Healing is a Journey, We’re Here to Help

Your First Appointment

We use this session to obtain a comprehensive health history, discuss your goals, develop a treatment strategy for you, and walk you through your first treatment.

Your Journey

We’ll guide you on a healing journey using a variety of treatment modalities, based around what will best serve you and your goals

Find New Ways to Thrive in Life

Discover a healthier you along your journey, and find new ways to enjoy your everyday life.

Dr. Peter Dracher’s Philosophy

I believe that healing is more than addressing a physical pain or ailment. What we are feeling can stem from multiple places, including the mental, emotional and spiritual components. My approach to healing is to find the root or source of the issue and guide you on a healing journey to help bring balance to all of them. A healing journey begins with the patient, it’s not just about getting treatment, but also involves doing some of the steps yourself to help you reach your goal. Through the use of 6 key modalities of healing, ancient wisdom, and modern technology, I work with each patient to create a unique healing journey that will work best for them and their goals.

Begin Your Journey Today

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We’re here to help make your journey transformational, informative, and help you take your first steps toward healing.