Change your vibration, Change your life.

We can heal the body, but if we do not address the mind and psyche, they will recreate in the body what is in the mind. Likewise, if we only address the mind, the body will store our wounding and our stories.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will involve a through intake, treatment, and discussion of treatment options to form a path that works best for you. You will need to fill out a thorough health questionnaire and intake form. The more information I have, the better I can treat you. This will include a detailed health history and physical exam. The health history will be very detailed. Questions will range from details about your symptoms to eating and sleeping habits, exercise and physical activities, emotional state–anything that will give us insight into your health. All procedures will be explained to you before they are done. After the treatment, we will discuss what happens next and any recommendations for you to take with you to help yourself rebalance into optimum health.


Healing is a process that takes time. Some conditions can be treated in a few sessions; others require multiple sessions over weeks, months, and sometimes years or regular maintenance.

Please take a moment to fill out the below intake form and submit a copy to or bring with you to your first appointment.



How does it work?

Ultra-fine needles, some with  gentle electrical impulses, are placed on specific points of the body; this process helps encourage your body to find its balance by promoting energetic and when necessary physical movement where the body is stuck and begin its healing journey. A more in depth explanation can be found on the resources page.

My Approach:

Your treatment is as unique as you are. An old saying among acupuncturists is “1000 treatments, one disease; 1000 diseases, one treatment”, meaning there are many ways to treat a person that is uniquely you. I work with the traditional system, the Taoist approach of Master Jeffrey Yuen, and the lineage of Master Tung. I utilize the regular channel system and the 8 extraordinary channels when working with deeper issues to help target the root of the problem. Your discomfort and disharmony may feel surface level, but it can stem from a variety of other places including emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances.

I’ll guide you through your healing journey, and together we’ll help you find your new sense of harmony.

Laser Meridian Therapy

How does it work?

Laser Meridian Therapy uses photonic energy at specific points or areas of the body to stimulate the channels and repair the system providing photonic qi to reduce inflammation, improve cellular function and repair, and increase blood flow.

My Approach:

I primarily will use this to help target the same channels as acupuncture, as well as the organ systems, muscle pain, and other various conditions. In some cases, if patients are uncomfortable about acupuncture due to needles, we can use this as an alternative.

Laser therapy is most often used in conjunction with other modalities, but can be scheduled as a stand alone treatment after an initial intake and acupuncture treatment.

Herbal Medicine

How does it work?

There are natural remedies all around us. Nature provides us with what we need to live a balanced life, it’s only a matter of knowing what it is your body, mind, and soul needs. Herbal Medicine can come in the form of foods, powders, oils (topicals), and even as simple as making dietary changes. The only key factor is consistency to help aid you in finding your unique balance. Herbal formulas were traditionally made by cooking the various parts of plants, mineral, or other substances into a tea to be drunk several times a day. Today, I mainly offer them in the form of encapsulated granule powders for convenience and to help in compliance. With a large in house herbal pharmacy, I am are able to offer both traditional and custom made formulas as needed.

My Approach:

In addition to the methods above, I also will use the essence of flowers, plants, and resins in the form of essential oils in certain treatments. This method works through the skin when applied on certain areas and through our olfactory system which is directly tied to our limbic system where our emotions and memories are thought to be processed and stored.

Herbal treatments can be in conjunction with acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment. Initial consult includes herbal formula (refills priced separately).

Peter has the perfect balance of professionalism, experience and caring that is expected of a healthcare provider. It’s always a pleasure to visit his serene and comfortable treatment space

Somatic Bodywork Therapy

How does it work?

Our bodies store emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas in various ways. Some of them present as surface-level pains and others can be buried deep within. Through the use of Somatic Bodywork Therapy, we can aid our bodies in releasing some of these problems, and begin our healing journey.

My Approach:

Everyone’s a little different in how they store their traumas, and how their body presents them. By using acupressure, somatic release techniques, and light touch therapy, we are able to help kick-start your body into releasing these problems, begin its healing journey, and letting go of these patterns that have been controlling our lives.

This type of work is not a regular massage. Pre-approval required for booking these sessions. Online booking not available.

Please contact me for a consultation if this is the right therapy for you.

Sound Therapy

How does it work?

At a large scale, everything is vibrating at different frequencies, including people. In our everyday lives, we are constantly shifting and adjusting our vibrations through thoughts, feelings, exercise, or even our diets. These frequencies when they aren’t bringing us harmony can be adjusted via acupuncture, electrical stimulation, photon stimulation, or sound.

My Approach:

I use specific music in my clinic and will add tuning forks either auditory and through our outer energy fields or directly on the body at specific acupressure points to stimulate and regulate the system. This is used as an add on with other modalities and not as a stand-alone session.

Please contact me for a consultation if this is the right therapy for you.


How does it work?

Breath is the source of life. Intentional breathing is the breath of transformation and awareness. It’s something we do and simultaneously that is done to us thousands of times a day. By bringing our awareness to it and utilizing various breathing techniques we can have a profound impact on our body systems and also our mind and spirit. 

My Approach:

Guided breathwork can be used on its own or combined with other modalities to have a profound influence and invite transformation. In using these techniques we help you release traumas and find new ways to center yourself and discover a new sense of harmony. This is used as an add on with other modalities or as a standalone session with prior approval.

Please contact me for a consultation if this is the right therapy for you.

Common Conditions That Can be Treated




Colds & Flu

Depression & Anxiety

Digestive & Urinary


Headaches & Migraines

Impotence & Infertility


Issues Associated with HIV

Low Immune Functions

Muscle Aches & Pains

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Neurological Disorders

PMS & Irregular Periods


Stroke Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are treatments?

Initial intake and treatments last 45-55 minutes on average. Follow up sessions run 40-45 minutes.

There is an optimal range of time that we find works best for certain types of treatments. Many of us are on the go and in a sympathetic state of flight, fight, freeze. We have found that with electro acupuncture, the optimal time to bring someone into a parasympathetic state of rest and digest is 20-30 minutes. A full circulation of qi through the body is approximately 40-45 minutes. Longer is not always better, but can be helpful in certain situations.

Does it hurt?

Most people feel a small stick on insertion. Sometimes there is a feeling of heaviness, warming, or activation we call de qi that usually dissipates. Some points and treatments are designed to activate a specific muscle or nerve. While not painful, it is a different sensation the first time it is felt.

Some people are what we call needle sensitive. This can require us to make modifications in our approach or employ different methods for treatment.

It does not hurt, but there may be times where things are really stuck and require a bit more of a push.

Are all needles sterile?

All needles are single use, prepackaged, sterile needles.

Does bruising ever happen?

We make every effort to avoid any bruising. Occasionally there will be a capillary below the surface we can not see and a few drops of blood can appear. In some cases this is actually a good thing as it can clear out stagnation, but rarely does this result in bruising.

In some instances, we actually want what we call “sha” to appear. Sha can have the appearance of a bruise, but this is an intentional reaction we get with things like gua sha or deep cupping. It is a sign that stagnation is being brought up to the surface to be released.

In general, acupuncture does not cause bruising, however in the rare instances it does happen unintentionally, it goes away on its own.

What do I do during treatment?

A treatment consists of a brief intake (longer for first sessions), placement of needles, placement and adjustment of electrical pulses if used, and placement and adjustment of lasers if used. This all lasts about 30-35 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes to allow the treatment to settle and manual therapy when required. With some conditions the process may be shorter or longer. Sometimes you will be asked to do some movement or exercises on the table. Other times you will be offered guidance in meditation, breathwork, visualization, or other practices to enhance the healing process. These can last a few minutes or you can use them throughout the treatment.

What can I expect from treatment?

Results vary person to person and condition to condition. As a general guide, acute issues resolve more quickly than chronic issues. Healing is not a straight line. Sometimes a condition improves right away and then we have a few steps back but are still moving forward. One of the biggest set backs can occur when we start to feel better after an injury and we go back to activities as if the injury did not occur before it has fully healed.

Chronic conditions sometimes fall under the chronic but manageable with regular treatments category. Other chronic conditions can sometimes feel worse with treatment before feeling better. This happens because we are moving from a chronic pain to a more acute presentation of that pain and from there working to resolve the acute phase to keep it out of the chronic phase.

While having a goal is OK, I believe it is better to have an intention. Setting a specific goal with a specific time line of completion makes an assumption that we know everything that has happened to bring us to this point and everything that will happen based on a single treatment. The truth is we do not know another person’s curriculum, their reason for being here, the lesson the injury or disease has come to teach, or how their specific body responds to a pathogen or injury or treatment. We have common guide lines and paths, but we are also individuals with individual bodies. That is why we say it is a journey we walk together for a time.