About Dr. Dracher

I am a Healer, Acupuncturist, Advanced Bodyworker, Herbalist, and have been called a Shaman. My path to the healing arts took me through several other careers including music, retail, and child care before finding the path of medicine. My first encounter with non-Western medicine fixed a thyroid condition that had troubled me and had gone undiagnosed for years. It would be several years of personal growth later before I would be ready to begin my journey on the healer’s path.

It is my belief and practice that healing is a collaborative process between practitioner and client. We work to treat the body, mind, emotions, and spirit; taking you on a journey of healing to find balance in your life. I bring my Taoist and Buddhist studies, experience in music and performance, and studies with energy and breath work to enhance my knowledge of Acupuncture, bodywork, and herbal medicine in unique ways. Through the use of a combination of healing modalities, we can better reach the source of your struggle and help you along your journey.

My formal medical study was at Pacific College where I graduated with honors in both the Master’s and Doctoral programs. I also hold national certification as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine through NCCAOM. Through my years of practice, I have come to understand that healing is as much about preventing disease and maintaining health as it is about returning to harmony and balance within the body. It’s through the use of modern technology and ancient wisdom that we can better understand what’s going on.

When I am not in the clinic, you can find me on any number of hiking trails, or pretty much anywhere in nature. You may also find me reading a book or in a classroom absorbing more information about this medicine, about life, philosophy, psychology, meditation, spiritual traditions, or any number of interests.

Healing is a journey. I continue on my own healing journey for my traumas, my body, my mind and psyche. Let us help you find your balance and harmony, and begin your healing journey.

Patient First Philosophy

Your healing journey begins with you. My approach to healing puts you at the core of it all. Every patient is unique, with their own struggles, so your healing journey should be just as unique to you. When we guide you on your journey, we don’t simply look at only what “hurts” but dig deeper and discover what the root cause is. Everyone carries trauma and grief in various ways, and these can present at the surface level or manifest in other places. Our intention is to work with you to discover what the cause is and guide you on the steps to begin your healing process and find your balance.

Acheivements and Awards

Doctor of Acupuncture
& Chinese Medicine (DACM)

Master of science in
traditional oriental
medicine (MSTOM)

bachelor of science

Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)®

Mentorship certification with Dr. Yvonne Farrell, student of Jeffrey Yuen

Studies with Shamans and Healers in US, Peru and Brazil

Student Externship at Lutheran Medical Center stroke rehabilitation unit

Student Externship at Housing Works HIV/Homeless Center

Advanced continuing studies in Master Tung system, Neurofunctional Acupuncture, Electro Acupuncture, Orthopedics, and Laser Therapy

Masters degree in music (Manhattan School of Music)

I moved to Palm Springs in July of 2020 and there were three services that I needed and I wanted the best. Dog Groomer, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. I asked three separate friends who I should go to and everyone had different answers on the first two. The Acupuncturist was the only one that all agreed on. PETER DRACHER. After years of being poked I finally found someone that knows the body and truly is in tune with his technique. I know he strategically places the needles to get the best result. I always feel amazing when I leave my appointment. He is the Acupuncturist Whisper. I recommend Peter to all of my friends. Simply the best.

– Stacy D.

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